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A Surprising Lesson I Learned from Interior Design

A surprising lesson I learned from Interior Design

Last week I had the absolute pleasure of going to the opening ceremony of a synagogue that had just been completely re-designed. It was soooo touching. *Shout out to my friend who was the interior designer, and did such a beautiful job*. I wasn’t expecting to get so choked up during the presentation but I had. Shared via video was the story of the founding of the synagogue as told by an original congregant. The synagogue was set up in 1939 by Austrian Jews who had fled the Nazi’s in Germany. Once in Tel Aviv they joined resources and each put in what money they had to buy the tiny space to set up their own congregation.

The original members have all since passed, except for the one who shared the origin story of the congregation. The synagogue was locked up and closed many years ago; he said he had thought it would be gone forever until a young American Rabbi came looking for a space to create a new congregation. After the older gentleman finished telling the story of how the congregation had started the video flashed to a recent image of a man in his 20’s holding a torah scroll in the room where we were sitting in with shear joy and happiness on his face.

Collective sigh at that moment. Huge collective sigh…. and tears- It was definately a “I’m not crying, you’re crying” kind of a moment.

It happened serendipitously; the Rabbi was introduced to this space by a neighbour and promptly cleaned off the dust and neglect so he could breathe new life into it. Hosting weekly services, holiday celebrations, and regular lectures.

The cycle of life continues in this tiny but homey space, because someone cleaned off the dust. They put love and attention to a space that had been neglected for years, but whose foundation was just that. The result- a new space that houses love, joy, community, and growth.

*****This is the important part of what I want to share with you*****

YOU ARE THAT SPACE! That holy house created for love and joy, and can go back to being that vessel for love, joy, bliss if you take the time to clean out the dust and breathe new life into yourself as a way to support your growth and success.


You just need to look inwards first.


Not easy.

I know.


Sometimes we go through life, and we don’t even realize we are just going through the motions. We keep ourselves so busy with things we think are top priority that we miss ourselves in life. Yup, you miss your desires. You miss out on being you! You miss the chance to live in a way that is actually in line with who you are at your core.

You get hurt so many times that it’s much easier to function if you just lock the door and turn off the lights. Easier to just shut down the holy space that you are and move through the day to day functions of life.

You can’t design a highly successful life for yourself if your inner door is locked and the lights are out.

Before you can design, you need to clean off the dust!

It’s not your fault; it’s how we are conditioned to behave.

Which means you can be unconditioned from it.

The best part is you get to play interior designer in this process.

Come join us tomorrow morning (Dec. 13th, at 9:00am GMT +2) in our Facebook community Self-Lovin’ Entrepreneurs. I will talk about how to actually connect with yourself so you can unlock the door to your inner self and finally start to shed light on your beautiful, wonderful Self.

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