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Hi! I’m Adrienne,

    it’s a pleasure to meet you

I’m an educator, entrepreneur,and eternal explorer.

And I’m dedicated to helping you fill your life with love and JOY.

I’m from Montreal, Canada;the girl who had a great song in her head and danced to it-anywhere. Essentially I live by the beat of my own drum.

Through 7 steps to Self-Love I allow women the opportunity to un-apologetically fall madly in-love with themselves and their lives. Why? To finally FEEL Joy. The highest level of happiness, the highest vibration, the best way to attract, create and succeed in bringing in even more joy, love, and success to your life. Why is this necessary? You have desires, wants, and dreams that need to be accomplished in this life and aren’t. Like running the business that will give you the freedom you desire. Or actually getting married and having your own family. You may be so disconnected from yourself because you have spent a lifetime fitting in and trying to be “happy” based on what society tells you. The nice car will make you happy, so will the house, the perfect lipstick and shoes. JOY comes from your soul and can move (even destroy if need be) the mountains and obstacles around you. I work with women to make that a reality.

I’m always asked …..How did you get into this?

Not by choice, that’s for sure. I was depressed and anxious for years, and depending on the day I did a great job of hiding it too. At rock bottom I ended up in the emergency room, angry that I had to be alive. If life was always going to be as shitty as it had been I wanted out, ASAP. I had been to therapy, I had been on medication; those solved nothing for me in the long run.

Once out of my short stint at the hospital I couldn’t work and vowed my life would be different from that moment forward. The rules I had followed in order to be successful and happy failed me miserably (B.Ed from McGill check, Sorority girl check, Master’s degree check, alone, unemployed and miserable check). I was done playing by the rules of someone else’s game (3 points if you recognize that from Wicked!). At the time I put my (I thought wasted) academic skills to good use. I spent everyday learning, researching, and implementing what was supposed to bring about lot’s of flowery joy and happiness. After ripping apart my green shirt hulk style one day because I was angry there was a tiny hole, I realized there was still something missing. I was still angry, anxious, sometimes a bit depressed, losing weight, and exhausted etc. yet I was doing everything by the book.

Until…..I got it. Sobbing on the side of my bed begging God to help me understand, I got it, and have never looked back since.

You can take the teacher out of the classroom but you can’t take the “I just want to help everyone live a happier and healthier life, while supporting them in their growth in this world” out of the teacher.

I have used the 7 step process I created to end toxic relationships, heal the wounded ones, move to the other side of the world, help clients step out of dark holes and into their power and happiness.

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From depressed and anxious, to a confident speaker, to a coach and entrepreneur. “Love yourself first” is not just some silly cliche. I’m proof that the missing piece of the puzzle can help you create a life that is beyond your scope of what is possible.

I believe YOU are the foundation and key to your success and happiness

That includes your ability to overcome your obstacles, and create a world (which you live in every day for the rest of your life)  that you love and that supports you in all that you do.

I believe that when you create a solid foundation in yourself you can actually accomplish any goal you desire, because it ALWAYS comes back to you. Lose those last 10 pounds, date a loving man or woman. Be so friggen happy that you smile just because….

I believe that no matter how dark the road, you are never alone, never without the tools to move yourself forward and never more than one degree away from a live oozing with JOY.
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Which brings me to you…Ya, you! The one reading this. The one googling- “How to be happy?”. The one overwhelmed with life on a pretty regular basis, stuck in a rut and desperate to get out. You are one tough cookie who just needs a bit of guidance to get you on the right path.

I’m here to serve you.

I’m here to show you, to teach you, to walk with you, as you learn HOW to implement change in your life through loving yourself, and bringing in more JOY. And why am I so obsessed with helping you find JOY…. because JOY is my middle name (just ask my mom, she will confirm this is true). 

Through Love YOU!, VIP workshops, and the Self-Love Revolution Day global events, there is something for all you ladies, because lacking self-love, confidence and JOY is so passé.

Whether you are looking to make massive, earth shattering change in your life, or finally feel peace and calm each day when you wake up, I’m here to help you do just that.