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Feel like you’re just going through the motions?

I failed at my business in 2017

Ciao Bella!

(June 2016)

What a trip!!! I can’t believe it has come and gone so quickly. Drinking wine on a mountain top in Tuscany. Gelato in San Gimignano, learning and working on myself and business at the St.Regis, marveling at David, pictures by the Colosseum, swimming in Positano, breakfast staring out at Mount Vesuvius. Laughing, laughing and laughing. What a two weeks!


In my last article I spoke about how being connected allows you to become present in your life, when you are present you can manifest and bring to fruition your ideas and desires. I’m going to break it down further and focus on the areas that can be affected by being disconnected.

The first and MOST IMPORTANT!!!!! As it affects EVERYTHING ELSE is the connection you have with YOURSELF. YOU are your FOUNDATION, when the foundation is faulty nothing is stable and can come crashing down around you. Believe me I know from YEARS of experience. I kept building a life around me, pushing away issue after issue, feeling completely disconnected from myself and always in shock when everything came crashing down around me. I’d always manage to lose jobs I never liked, I always managed to end friendships I knew deep down were not good for me, and I was devastated each time.

The feeling of being disconnected from myself was physically painful but since I never knew about building a healthy relationship with myself I always blamed outside factors. Rather than taking responsibility for myself.

How disconnection can show itself in your life:

You are not motivated to get your work done whatever that may be, at your job, tasks you need to do for your business, work that needs to get done at home. No matter how “hard” you “try” things aren’t getting done.

You feel like you are going through the motions, you don’t seem to care or have emotions come up when you are talking with a certain friend or family member, or performing certain tasks.

Anxiety. This was a huge shocker for me when I figured out that the times I got to be most anxious were times when I wasn’t listening to my intuition. When I was least connected with myself. The stronger the connection and love I had for myself, the less anxious I became.

How to Build a LOVING relationship with yourself

Go inwards and check in with yourself. Mediation is key in helping you to get to know who you really are. Sometimes it can be scary if you haven’t taken the chance to check in with yourself- some people literally avoid it because they know they might find out that they really want to change careers and are afraid to tell their family, or that if they go inwards they may realize their imperfections and weaknesses and don’t want to face it. Or they may realize that even though they act like they are confident they don’t really love themselves. The first step is only to start looking to see what’s really going on inside of you.

EXPLORE!!! Ask yourself some questions, why do I feel disconnected? Why am I having a hard time connecting with myself? What am I finding frustrating about this?

Take 5- 10 minutes and write down what it is that you LOVE and DESIRE. Everything that comes to mind, no matter how Illogical you think it may be goes down on the paper. Wearing diamonds all the time, travelling to Italy, become the head of your own empire? Write down anything that comes to mind without any judgement. When you are done look at everything that you wrote- that is a snapshot of WHO you ARE.

Ask yourself if there a disconnect from the life you are leading right now and the one that you desire? If YES, then in what ways can you start to incorporate those desires into your life now? If you love to explore and travel but are strapped for cash can you go exploring in your city for an afternoon? If you love the divine life and luxurious living is there a way you can incorporate that into your wardrobe with accessories? Remember everything you desire is doable!

TAKE ACTION. You are the only person who can control your happiness and success, take action to make that a reality. What is ONE thing you can work on right now to create a healthy CONNECTION with yourself?

Connecting with YOURSELF is the beginning of creating a strong connection with the world around you. It also is the first step towards CREATING and fulfilling a happy and successful life.

I’d love to know how you are taking action to build the connection with yourself!

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