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First Steps Never Fail

First Steps

I don’t know about you but I think 2018 took a hit of speed on New Years night.

The last two weeks have felt like a tidal wave has just swept over me and everything has been put into motion. Awesome, fun, challenging, exciting motion.

If your year so far feels like a tortoise taking a nap not to worry, the message I want to share with you today will help you to get up and start taking action.

I did something crazy….I put a post in a women’s entrepreneur group on Facebook where I invited them to my home for an informal get-together.Yup, total strangers. 62 women replied to my post in 24 hours. In the end the flu won over many of the women, but a solid group of 12 were able to make it.Why would I do this?Well unless you are looking to permanently live behind your computer, any business venture you are looking to begin, or any dream and desire you have (spending more time with family, travelling around the world, helping others) will all involve other human beings in some capacity.

Something I have learned time and time again is that we are searching for, looking for, and needing….

 Real, true, honest connections

Some of the awesome, kind, dedicated, and supportive developing entrepreneurs I was blessed to host at my home this week.

*****This is the important part of what I want to share with you*****

The Power of DOING

Making connections with others, much like starting a business, revolves around taking small action steps. Taking a first step, even without knowing what the result could be, without having everything perfectly laid out, will still move you forward and will get the ball rolling. With healthy relationships in place, you are helping to establish a stable foundation in your life to build on. You can’t fail at this unless you sit at home wishing you were really doing something else, living somewhere else, or being someone else.

What’s the best way to make connections with others? Get out there. By no means do you need to post on Facebook and invite strangers to your home (I know the demographics of where I live and the group I posted in).

Suggested first step activity:

  • 1 local meet up
  • 1 networking event
  • 1 activity where you can be with like-minded individuals face to face
  • 1 party you would normally say no to attend
  • 1 class/workshop on a topic you find interesting

Let me know which 1 action you are going to take to get yourself moving forward with 2018.

Love, Love, Love,
P.S: Don’t worry if you need a little help, YOU got this!!!
And you don’t need to go down the road to HAPPINESS alone.
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