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bring on the love


Hello Lovely!

Are you ready to play by your own rules, to create an adventurous life that reflects who you really are; where you get to explore the world on your terms. To connect with the world in a way that feels right for you. You get to be YOU, to your fullest. To run a business you are actually passionate about. To no longer be jealous of all those Facebook albums you wish you had.

No more watching others live the life of your dreams.

Impossible right? That you need to have a million dollars in the bank first, and have everything perfectly lined up? I’ve heard every excuse in the book. Throw them out the window.

Sound familiar?: 

  • I can’t take it anymore.
  • Everyday I just go through the motions.
  • I feel paralyzed half the time.
  • I hate my day job but I need the money.
  • I just want to work for myself full time, but I’m getting nowhere with my business.
  • I don’t believe I’m good enough to actually sell myself and what I do.
  • I hate Facebook now because I see people travel, and explore and be happy. I wish I were all those things.
  • This isn’t the life I thought I would be leading, at all. It isn’t that I’m not trying. I try every single day. I go to the gym, I read books to help me improve my life, I meditate. It’s helping a bit but I’m still not happy and my life feels like I’m constantly fighting to keep my head above water.
  • I’m always tired and have no real desire to do anything.
  • I wish it would all just stop.

I felt that way for years and I know you get way more of what I wrote than you lead others to believe.

I want FREEDOM to live life on my terms and not someone else’s.

I know you wish you could just put your effort into something that actually works. Where there could be a clear path to being happy. Even if it’s hard, even if it takes time, I know you are willing to do it as long as you know you’re going in the right direction. I know that if only you could wake up happy, really happy, knowing you are moving forward with your business, you would finally be able to breathe.

About Page

For 7 years I was in a dark funk. 7 long years. I lost weight and I gained weight. I always had a smile plastered on my face when I was with other people so no one knew how I really felt on the inside. Shitty situation after shitty situation; I was drowning and constantly blaming others on the way down. People always made comments of how strong I was to be dealing with what I was going through but the truth is I wasn’t strong at all. I was barely surviving and nothing more. I didn’t date, and my friendships were like a revolving door; people in, people out. I still managed to complete my master’s degree, pay off 40,000$ of debt in a year and a half, and work two jobs. I still managed to wake up each day but not because I wanted to or enjoyed it.

Things got worse and I woke up one day and realized I was No where. Working at a mall, teaching the same students from years earlier, and unemployed each June. I would panic every August knowing that Fall was around the corner, and then the bitter Quebec winter soon after. It was just a cycle of longing for summer and being too broke to enjoy it; followed by the long winter months. I would lose and gain weight each season to match my either depressed or anxious state. It was a never ending painful cycle.

After hitting rock bottom, by ending up in the hospital from severe depression, I went the traditional path to heal my life. I decided the only place I could explore was my inner world. So I went the route of therapy and medication; the problem was it didn’t work. I was happier but not fully happy. I was healthier but not fully healthy. I was making it through each week from session to session, but not growing or expanding beyond just being “ok”. Until one day when a situation put me back where I had been years before and I had enough.

What was the missing piece to the puzzle that I was working so hard to fit together.

One word.


Not the mushy kind from romantic comedies or famous love stories. Not the kind where you are willing to die for the love of your life. Not the the kind of Love where you get a manicure and your make up done.

Pure, Raw, Deep, Unwavering, Life Changing, Love

Untitled design

**Can you believe from this picture above that I was so miserable I couldn’t leave my apartment or eat? That I couldn’t even look myself in the mirror?

I’m talking about the kind of love that moves mountains. The kind of love that gives you courage to quit a horrible job. The kind of LOVE that gives you armour and allows you the strength to stand in front of a group of strangers and share your God given talents. The kind of LOVE that helps you attract more love, joy, abundance and success, because my god that’s all we really want.

The more I began to re-connect with, and LOVE myself I began to re-connect with my faith and God. The stronger that inner connection and alignment became the more everything around me began to fall into place-like magic.

Taking what I had learned I began helping women change their lives and saw that my ideas weren’t just helpful to me, but helped other women make huge shifts in their lives as well. 

As I met more female entrepreneurs I realized many were burning themselves out and quitting their business dreams because of it.

Stopping themselves from fulfilling their destiny because #sleepwhenImdead.

These amazing and bright women were ending up in hospitals because they were striving for 100k in 4 days.

Not realizing that “hustle hustle hustle” was the wall that separated them from Love, Joy and lasting business success.

I know you keep dreaming about the life you wish you had, where you could be happy and travel the world, rather than buying plane tickets to run away. Only for you to came back to reality of where you don’t want to be. I get that you want to be an entrepreneur, to help the world, to finally FEEL successful in your life.

The KEY to a happy life, a successful business, and creating the life of your dreams is Loving Yourself. Love yourself to your core; the essence of who you are. Beyond ego and beyond labels. Just you; your Real Self.

On this journey it will be just you and me creating a system that will help you develop and maintain the life you know you were meant to live with a solid foundation of LOVE and JOY. 

The benefits of this kind of love goes beyond just feeling happy.

  • Feel worthy 
  • More confidant
  • Make better decisions
  • The ability to give and receive
  • Gain clarity on your desires
  • Clarity of your business direction
  • Be able to engage with the flow of life
  • Have deep spiritual connection within yourself
  • More FUN and JOY
  • More stability
  • Greater financial success
  • Greater overall success in life

All of these benefits are 100% necessary (non-negotiable!) for running a successful business.

What’s Included

1 on 1 Sessions

There will be 12 (1 hour) sessions.


2 hour VIP session

To begin this journey we start off with a special 2 hour VIP session to make sure we have a solid foundation to build from.

Recorded sessions

Our sessions are recorded so you get to keep them and review them forever! Clients love the ability to refer to what we covered at a later date-so you get get even more learning out of our time together.



I’ve got your back! Which means if you need to ask me a question between sessions I’m here for you.

… Adrienne was insightful and opened me up to new possibilities. She took my meditation practice a step further, made my mantras more specific and helped create that slight shift I so needed…. at a time I was doubting myself, and she helped me elevate my passion for my business. I’m so grateful. Thanks Adrienne. 

-Anu Bhat

...There is so much power about her calm energy. She is on a fierce mission for self love and having more joy in life... What I loved the most was the fact that although she acknowledged the fact that I was struggling with a big issue she was absolutely sure that I could find joy… Even while in my struggle. I have to say that it brought up a lot of resistance for me but deep inside I knew that she was right. I am so grateful that she held powerful space for me to explore what was possible for me. And yes, a whole new world of possibility opened up to me, I found joy in one of my most difficult time in life. This experience left me with confidence that I can face any challenge in my life, on my terms and that I truly own the way I feel and perceive my world.

Alex Rudnicka, Business Coach; London, England


I was having a third life crisis and needed to re-connect with myself in order to figure out what I wanted in life. ...I connected with different aspects of Adrienne's story and decided to spend the money to do some well-needed self-exploration. Adrienne taught me how to treat myself like I'm the most important person in my life. I have learned how to practice self-love and am keenly aware of all of the positives in my life, as well as what I can offer to others. The biggest changes that I've made include meditating daily for the past three months and deciding to open my own business doing what makes me happy. After completing this program...I love myself and this is evident to the people around me.

Erin Lumer, Montreal, Canada


Adrienne is a powerful coach. Her gift is to hold safe space for deep and long lasting transformation. She helped me see what was holding me back in my life and business by asking deep questions in a gentle and loving way. I experienced profound mindset shifts that created lots of clarity and ripple effect in my life. I feel unstoppable now!

Tatianna Queen, New York, USA

Bring on the LOVE, bring on the freedom

VIP Package


12- 1 hour sessions

All recordings of our sessions

Access to ask questions- get support between sessions

Full Access to Love YOU! Group program and private Facebook group


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You’ve got questions, I’ve got answers!

How is Self-Love going to actually help me be successful?

You are the foundation of your life. How you feel, how you think, how you eat, what actions you take are going to affect what kind of success you will have in your life. The more JOY and love you feel for yourself will give you STRENGTH and CONFIDENCE, it will have a direct impact on the choices you make and the success you can experience in your life.

What if this doesn't work for me?

I have gotten this question a lot actually. That Q is coming from a clear place of fear (what if I’m too horrible to be fixed? what if I can’t be helped? What if I do everything and nothing changes? )Well first off when you make any change in your life things will change automatically. The extent of the change inside and outside of yourself will depend on YOU. Also this isn’t a cookie cutter program- you and I create a map for you and your needs. We work with your situation and your personality/ strengths and perceived limitations.

Can you hold on while I ask my husband (partner, mom, dad, boyfriend, girlfriend, neighbour, the homeless guy downstairs) if I can invest in myself?

This is a big one, which I totally respect. When you are financially responsible for other people you need to check in with them when it comes to making major financial decisions. Would you ask your partner if you could spend funds on a doctor to help you if you weren’t well? Nope. Would you ask your mom if you could apply to university? Nope. This is your chance to give yourself permission to do something that will better your life (and EVERYONE around you).

What if I fall into a rut in a year from now, after we finish working together?

Call me! Yup, that’s right. I have learned in so many courses that a coach is not a cheerleader, a coach is an outsider helping you succeed for the duration of your contract. Well ya know what, I’m not a normal coach and life don’t work that way. We need cheerleaders and people to have our back. I don’t believe it is an accident our paths cross, I also don’t believe in turning my back on you just because our time together is up. All hands on deck when major shifts need to take place and I’m in it to support you for the long haul. I record all of our sessions so you can re-watch them when you need to deep dive again (and again, and again). Shit happens to knock us off course, but our sessions will give you tools you can apply now, next year, and in 10 years.

When can we start?

Send me a message and let’s get this sh*t going!