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Welcome to an implementation based self-love accelerator 

That turns complex and confusing self-love and wellness tactics into simple strategies and principles designed to help you produce consistent, predictable results over the long run.


Love YOU!

 A 4- month self-love program with qualified mentorship from a self-love expert, implementation based training, customized support, accountability, and a community of female entrepreneurs.

This program is for you if you’re:

  • A service-based entrepreneur 
  • Just starting your entrepreneurial journey
  • Wanting to live the life you know you are meant to without the overhwhelm, confusion, self- doubt, and self- sabotage.
  • Ready to bring in more love, joy, abundance, and prosperity into your life

What you get in Love YOU!

Component 1: Customization
  • Hands on mentoring for 4 full months
  • Customized recommendations + a plan that works for you
  • An initial self-love assessment upon joining, reviewed by me
Component 2: Coaching and Accountability
  • An Orientation call to kick off the program
  • Weekly Group Coaching/Hot seat calls (1x per week)
  • Monthly 1:1 Progress Check-in Calls with me
  • Periodic wellness checks to track your progress
  • You get to submit questions for a weekly FB Live if you are unable to attend the live call
Component 3 :Training
  • Training videos
  • Downloadable Resource Guides
  • Swipe Files
  • Book List


Component 4: Structure +Simplicity +Success
  • My Burnout to Brilliant Framework
  • Foundations put into place so you have the energy, vitality, and stamina (fueled by love, joy and prosperity) to run your business over the long ru
Component 5: Community + Accessability
  • Facebook group with access to me and other Love YOU! participants
  • You’ll link arms with a group of ambitious, action-taking entrepreneurs
Component 6: Implementation + Results
  • Begin to implement starting from day 1!
  • Through consistent implementation, and tweaking along the way, you’lltart to see results fast!

Guest mentors and teachers

I’ll be inviting guest mentors and teachers to share their expertise once per month in our group.

What We Stand For:

  • Honesty: Be honest with yourself about where you stand, how you feel and where you really want to be headed
  • Taking Action: Consistent implementation to accelerate the learning and mastery process
  • Simplicity in your self-love, to get out of overwhelm, confusion, and burnout
  • Striving for a high level of excellence in all areas of your life
  • Designing a life based on what you desire and dream of
  • Putting yourself first as your number 1 priority (so you can serve others with love and joy)
  • Results through putting in the necessary work and adjusting along the way

And…to let your BRILLIANT self come out of hiding to shine every single day 

About - AdrienneMeet Adrienne:

Adrienne Sholzberg is known as a self-love expert and mentor, helping female entrepreneurs come out of hiding and letting their inner spark come out to play, so you can have the energy, stamina, and vitality to run the marathon that is building and growing a successful business.

As a former educator and marketeer she knows how vital the right energy and confidence is in order to create a successful life and business. She spent 10 years learning the ins and outs of the health and wellness industry and created a framework to fill in the huge holes that industry has left.

Adrienne’s trainings incorporate practical and tangible steps so you can implement changes immediately in order to get results.

In a sea of coaches and online mentors who teach pieces of the optimal life puzzle, Adrienne is highly focused on the holistic aspects of female entrepreneurs and supports action, implementation, and sustainable results over the long run.

Adrienne is committed to, and volunteers regularly for community based events and women’s empowerment activities. You can find her tending to her garden and exploring the streets of Tel Aviv where she resides.

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I exercise isn’t that enough?

While exercise, eating well and socializing are part of self-care there is a lot more to it than just going for a run. We discuss a particular way for approaching exercise that will make it far more enjoyable, and help you get more out of the practice.

I care for myself already, why would I need this program?

Caring for your self is amazing, and a great first step! Loving yourself takes things much further, and deeper.  If you already care for yourself fully and completely it’s time to learn how to honour yourself, go deeper, and use the love you will create to take you to new heights.

How does this work for someone who doesn’t have a business yet?
  • This program is about YOU! Your business is run by you, you create it. It reflects your state of being. Even if you just have the idea swirling around in your head- start on the right foot.
  • Start building yourself up now, you can save yourself so much headache in the future. A lot of women start businesses they think they have to- but it isn’t what is in their heart. Gain clarity through this framework so the business you put all your time and energy into is the right one.
I can’t afford it?

Regardless of the actual price of any program we are quick to say “I can’t afford it”. How quick would you invest $50,000 into a degree you may or may not use, especially when you don’t have the money for it? You and your happiness are the foundation for a successful life.

What if this doesn’t work for me?

Believing in yourself and your capabilities is the first step to make sure you can implement and intergrate what you are learning. The program will work for you if your work the program. All my clients have the same fear before we start our work together- and it’s never brought up again after our first session because they are too busy transforming their lives.

Am I going to be just a number in the program?

This program is live and intimate for a reason. It is not a self- study course but an implementation program. I am going to get on a call with you once per month to keep you accountable and make sure you are headed in the right direction (for you).