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Love YOU!

You have worked hard to get to where you are
Big dreams, hard work and following your own path to build a life and business you LOVE

But something is still not right
You have accomplished so much in your life, but when you turn back inside, that outer persona is NOT what you see or feel
And you STILL are not where you want to be
When does this searching end?

Overwhelmed, Stressed, and Anxious
Reinventing the wheel and chasing your tail to MAKE more, DO more and BE more
Losing control of what your needs and wants are in the sea of what has to get done

It’s a race you won’t win

In order to re-fuel those dreams and increase both your happiness and your success,
you must STOP and LISTEN

Listen to the whispers of your soul and heart that are craving attention
The part of YOU that needs the care and nurturing that you shower on others

While you’ve been busy trying to build your business and your clientele, you forgot the key to success.

YOU are the foundation of your life and your business
When you are strong and vibrant, happy and aligned
you can create the life of your dreams!
You become vital through

What could it feel like if you faced each day uplifted, inspired and ready to take action?
Empowered and at peace and living a life that you absolutely love?
Knowing you are not alone in finding your way and there was someone who could lead you through that dark and murky place you have gotten so used to?

This is not some pipe dream or wishful blissful thinking


Life is not meant to be such a struggle

You KNOW more is possible and you feel like you are right at the edge of that greatness you seek, but you keep missing the mark and you are just drained!

Business savvy and service? You nailed that!
Self-love and connected to yourself in every way? Hmm… not so much

About - Adrienne

That’s where I come in
I’m Adrienne, a success coach who helps female entrepreneurs practice self-love to live the life, and run the business, of their dreams
Your joy and abundance gets fueled from within FIRST not the other way around!

You are ready
You realize there’s something missing and that’s YOU from the equation
I know how to get you connected, peaceful, recharged and rejuvenated to achieve those big goals that await you

I have been where you are
I was overworked, stressed out and fed up
Not taking care of ME stood in the way of me becoming the person and entrepreneur I craved to be


Learning to love myself and practice self-love has revolutionized my life and it’s something I see other women (especially entrepreneurs) struggle with
I discovered I AM the foundation of my business
My own inner strength and vitality is the strength and vitality of my business

My mission and purpose is to light up as many women as I can to turn inward and be courageous and free to live the best version of themselves

I have 7 years of experience researching health and happiness, working with healthcare professionals and 10 years working to help others improve their lives both in formal and informal settings

Bonus for me… it brings me oodles of joy and fulfillment helping others with self-love, so it’s a Win-Win here!

Untitled design

I know what you are thinking…
I don’t have time for self-love, I have work to do, bills to pay, a course to create…and on and on

I’m going to be brutally honest here

You can’t afford to NOT take the time

Without facing this large void you will stay exactly where you are
That’s just a fact
Playing small. Pushing through. Empty tank.

When you face your business you well know that your success weighs 100% on what you put in
How you show up, what you give and what you believe

Those same rules apply to your own life!

You are frustrated and know that something needs to change
That spark inside feels lost and you are determined to get it back

Every morning you push through these kind of thoughts:

  • I’m just going through the motions and I can’t keep going like this
  • I’ve lost control and am so overwhelmed
  • I’m always one step behind
  • I need to make a change, but I don’t know how!


There is an answer
I can show you the way and the steps to get where you want to be

You don’t learn self-love in school, or through your family- it’s a foreign concept to most women!

At a young age you were taught, be a good girl, give to others, be the caretaker
And that’s all super important but NOT at the sacrifice of yourself any longer

It’s time to learn
Self-love is vital to being happy and healthy in the long run, and will finally give you the solid foundation to take your business to new heights

I have developed a step-by-step system for you on how to actually bring in more SELF-LOVE

It’s not about buying another book you won’t read- it’s about learning YOUR WAY back to YOURSELF!

No more investing in the next training program or worrying if your branding is perfect to answer why your clients aren’t coming and your business isn’t growing

The solution starts with taking CARE OF YOU
You need to rebuild that inner connection and sense of self in order to show up and shine fully in your business!


Imagine within a few weeks feeling free from stress, pain and anxiety
Having the tools and the know how to stop the out of control train and take back control in your life
To be free to create and live an abundant life of love and joy and to run a highly profitable business

I set out on a mission to create a system to transform lives
To take those feelings of not enough, overwhelm, stress and anxiety and kick them to the curb once and for all
No one can do the work for you

I have gone through the struggles and have personally implemented all the steps I have created and gotten results both in my own life and in my clients’ lives

I was working at jobs I hated, my relationships always suffered because I put all of my attention on my work and yet never managed to get ahead
I felt disconnected from myself and was miserable constantly

Once I created the 7 step process, my life shifted in a way it never had before
I created my coaching practice as a result of going through the steps, and saw the effects of my self-love in my business

And now, I am teaching you this exact system so you can set yourself free!


This course will help you clean out the negative thoughts and habits that may be holding you back from being both happy and successful in running your life and business

I truly believe that self-love is the foundation for a happy, healthy and successful life

If you are blocked, or sabotaging yourself in any way, your business suffers for it
If you are happy, at peace, and full of joy your business is going to reflect that too

Easier said than done?

This course teaches you HOW to incorporate self-love into your life as a way to increase both your happiness and your revenue

The tools presented in the program will help you for years to come and WILL change the way you think and feel
Each of the 7 modules (plus the bonus Pre-Module 1) have worksheets to fill out as a way of helping you put into place each lesson and activity!


• You want to stay in victim mode
• You don’t feel ready to let the struggle go
• You are happy with a mediocre business and stressed lifestyle
• You are not ready to show up and do the work

What We Cover in Love YOU!

  • Why meditation should become your new best friend
  • How meditation can take your business from blah to Wow!
  • How to integrate meditation into your life (no ashram required)
Falling in Love with Yourself
  • Why loving yourself is the root of your happiness
  • How self-love will improve your life and your business
  • What you can do to love yourself no matter what!
Nourishing Youreslf
  • How eating well works for you and your business
  • How to get yourself on the healthy path
  • The secret ingredient to always eat nourishing food
Get Up and Move Your Butt!
  • The physical and mental benefits of exercise
  • How exercise can pump you and your business up
  • What to do when you are too ‘busy’ to exercise
Do What You LOVE
  • How to keep the passion you have for your craft burning
  • How DOING what you love will help your business grow
  • How to find new passions in your life
Setting Healthy Boundaries
  • How to tell the difference between Unhealthy and Healthy boundaries
  • How setting up more boundaries will help your business grow
  • How to say NO so your friends and clients will love you more
To Give and To Receive
  • Why we need to give AND receive
  • What you can do to help you receive more
  • How to give without giving away 100% of yourself

But you and I both know you wouldn’t be here searching if you weren’t ready to take control of your life! You only get one shot at this life, make it the best it possibly can be. The life of your dreams is waiting on the other side of this program – Why Wait?

Love YOU!


  • Lifetime Access+Updates
  • 7 Modules
  • Resource Guides
  • Support & Newsletters
  • Private Facebook Group for Accountability
  • Opportunity to change your life in ways you never imagined
I'm in!
If you have any questions feel free to send an e-mail to


I exercise isn’t that enough?

While exercise, eating well and socializing are part of self-care there is a lot more to it than just going for a run. We discuss a particular way for approaching exercise that will make it far more enjoyable, and help you get more out of the practice.

I care for myself already, why would I need this course?

Caring for your self is amazing, and a great first step! Loving yourself takes things much further, and deeper.  If you already care for yourself fully and completely it’s time to learn how to honour yourself, go deeper, and use the love you will create to take you to new heights.

I don’t have a business yet, can I still take this course?

Absolutely! This 7-step process will help everyone; women and men, to learn to love and respect themselves and live a happy life. The language of the course is geared toward female entrepreneurs but the content is applicable to everyone.

What if I have questions while I’m going through the course?

This is where the private Facebook group for this group program will come in handy, I monitor the group and will be available to answer questions each week as we go through each module together. It is also a space where group members are free to offer support and suggestions to each other (You are NEVER alone in this journey!).

I can’t afford it?

Regardless of the actual price of any program we are quick to say “I can’t afford it”. How quick would you invest $50,000 into a degree you may or may not use, especially when you don’t have the money for it? You and your happiness are the foundation for a successful life.

What is your return policy?

There is a full money back guarantee until the end of the first week of the program.