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LearnĀ specific tools and tips on how to bring self-love into your daily routine to impact painful parts of your life… Diet Recovery, Post Partum, Depression, PTSD, Career, Dating, Confidence, and more!

Access to webinars hosted by experts in their fields, and how it is related to self-loveĀ 

Access to free goodies from experts

Access to a private facebook group for participants and hosts

Learn tangible tools to help you bring self-love into your life so you can finally create a life you are excited to wake up to each morning.

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What if I am not available to take part in the Self-Love Revolution Day on the day itself?

When you sign up, you will be sent a link the following day which will give you 48 hours to watch the workshop you missed.

Is this going to fix all my problems instantly?

Nope. Any long term success involves long term work. Which starts with one tiny step. Consider this the beginning of a beautiful (life long) relationship with YOU.

Why is it FREE to participate? Doesn't FREE mean cheap?

FREE does not mean cheap! The reason this event is at no cost to the articipants is beacuse we believe everyone, no matter your financial situation, should have access to tools and techniques to help you get out of SHAME and transform your life. Self-Love is free and so is participation in the Self-Love Revolution Day.

This might be great for a day, but what about the long term?

Once a month you will receive a super fancy-shmancy newsletter filled with even more tips, tools, and inspiration to keep you on the Self-Love train all year long.