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The Secret To Moving Forward With Your Success

I failed at my business in 2017 (3)

(April 20, 2016)
Hello lovely !

I hope you are doing well and enjoying SPRING TIME! Yes summer is just around the corner.

A few weeks ago I returned from one of the most profound experiences of my life; having a 3 day conference with my mentor Gina Devee. Myself and 200 other coaches from around the world as part of the Divine Living’s ‘The Academy’ descended on the Ritz Carlton Marina Del Rey in sunny California for some major up-leveling. * If you get the chance go to California, I now know why that state has the same population as Canada.

There was plenty of laughter and tears and more lessons than I have actually processed.

One of the biggest takeaways was how you honor yourself and how that plays a major role in moving you forward in your life and business. The focus of our time was about clearing away limiting beliefs so that we can stand in our power and fully honor ourselves as a way to propel our business forward.

I think I used the term “own it” about 1000 times over the few days when talking with the other Academy participants. Reminding these beautiful women to own their past, their struggles and where they stand in this moment. Use your past struggles as a platform to stand on, to raise yourself up so you can honor and love all aspects of yourself: the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Lesson: You need to stare your pain right in the face – OWN IT, and clean it out so you can move forward to truly honor and love yourself.

We spent a lot of time looking at our limiting beliefs (stemming from the pain of previous experiences or fear) and working through them. Sometimes AWARENESS is all that is needed for you to move on. Sometimes seeing WHAT IS TRUE IN REALITY is enough to get you out of your head and into the right mind-frame. Your thoughts about yourself play more of a major role in what your life looks like than you may realize.

For example you look at all the perfect pictures of other entrepreneurs on Facebook, or on their websites, and think that they are much prettier (or look more put together) than you do. You feel awful about yourself and decide to stay hidden and not visible. That was my limiting belief- I’m not pretty enough like the other women so therefore I won’t be successful like they are. * Side note these limiting beliefs can be hidden, I never consciously thought this until it came out of my mouth on stage when Gina invited me up to discuss my limiting beliefs. So yes I admitted that in front of everyone and it was amazing!

Gina was able to teach me, and the others, a lesson I will never forget. In order to make 10k a month (Like the women I envied on social media) you need to BE A 10K WOMAN first, and if that means going out and getting a new pair of shoes like the ones in those pictures on Facebook, then go buy the shoes!!!

Result: I bought the shoes and have been more visible in the few weeks than I have in the last 5 months combined. My energy shifted; which people noticed right away, and I have been flying high since!

*Be the woman you desire to be NOW! If you are waiting for something to happen, you will be waiting a LONG time.

Many, many women came up to me and admitted they felt the same way. Another woman went out and bought a new pair of shoes that night! When I saw her wearing them two days later she was walking as though she owned the Ritz. It was a complete shift in her energy and confidence. The best part is she only spent 39.99 on the shoes. I bought a pair also- a gorgeous pair that sparkle and shine, for only 34.99.

Aside from DSW having great deals, the point of me sharing the prices is that it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg to up-level, to stand in your power, to be the successful entrepreneur you want to be. You can stand in that power right now- OWN IT! It’s a CHOICE that you make.

Tip to Help Make the Shift:

When you notice that your thoughts are taking you back to a place of negativity and doubt, as in your limiting beliefs for example: “My parents were never there to spend on me, so I’m not worthy of receiving money from clients”. Actually stop yourself- mid thought if you can- and shout out loud (regardless of where you are ☺) “Stop the story, live in god’s glory!” The stories you tell yourself, are just crap that is holding you back. So stop the story already! Live in god’s glory (or the “universe’s” glory, or “source’s” glory- whatever you want to label it as). We learned that trick from Sonni Tallant a truly fabulous woman who has been working alongside Tony Robbins for 27 years.

****I’d love to know, is there a story you keep telling yourself that you now realize isn’t true, that it’s holding you back from your success?

I ALWAYS love, love, love getting comments from my posts to you so feel free to reply below to let me know what limiting beliefs are you trying to overcome so you can fully honor and love yourself. (Or you can say Hi!)

  1. Chances are you are looking at your future life through filters of fear and failures from your past. And this is what is holding you back from truly moving forward.

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